7 Essential Tips When Searching For Wedding Vendors

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Wedluxe Magazine Feature Olivia Ha Makeup Artist Toronto
Olivia Ha Featured in Wedluxe Magazine

The First Question You Should Always Ask Yourself When Looking For Wedding Vendors:

What do you envision for your wedding and why? (ex. elaborate wedding, entertainment, cozy venue, color scemes)

I will tell you a story of a recent wedding I had serviced this week:

Last month a bride called me asking if I was available for her wedding this month. I happily told her I was, then she told me that she loved my website and the pictures really represented what she would get, she appreciated I had showed her honestly with no renditions in photo-editing of my before-afters. She expressed she already had a trial and didn’t realize when she initially hired the previous artist it was just based off of a recommendation and she didn’t research what she would get at her trial.

Turns out she wanted a very unique and intimate feel for her wedding. She had told me she had a trial with popular makeup artist and hairstylist in town and though there was good reviews online, she found that she didn’t feel cared for and that she was treated like a business versus a human interaction. After spending some time on my website she told me that she really felt that I was more of the artist that she’s going for that develops a connection with my client.

Overly excited at the chance that I could help this lady get the experience she wanted, she told me that it would be a very small setting that’s only celebrated with just under 20 people in her home. However that it was still a very special moment in her life she wanted to capture. She also told me she had her dress custom-made for the occasion and wanted to celebrate this stepping stone in her life.

Later she invited me to the wedding that she felt that I should be apart of, along with the designer and some key people in her life. She told me she felt comfortable enough with me there along with the designer where we understand and appreciate her and was able to transform it so beautifully. It became a really beautiful night where it was just around 10 guests at a wonderful restaurant and proceeded back to their house for fireplace drinks and tea.

The reason I told you this story is that not everybody wants this intimate experience. She valued small, key selected company, and went with what she prioritized which was the celebration of her. There was no fancy flowers, cake, no reception or altar, but she told me her budget was carefully explored and she couldn’t of asked for more in the end. She splurged on the things that did matter to her which was the artistic celebration of her, the great food and great company.

The moral of the story is go with what you uniquely want and talk to your vendors to see if you are on the same vibe.

Here’s a mini-checklist I comprised for you:

1. Write down what you envision and name it plan A (as you may have different plans like a big budget Plan A, then a smaller budget Plan B, then Plan C is what is most important to you in the end.)
2. Write down why you are doing this. Example: to thank a close set of family and friends and celebrate this union.
3. Write down an ideal budget if you have one (will revisit this later).
4. Write down what would be important to you (and only whats right for you) with that intention in mind (#2).
5. Then number what is important with different symbols (* for the most important then number the rest 2, 3, 4.. respectively).
6. Review the budget to see how much each of these cost to see if it matches with your budget. Know that if it does not (which often 80% of the time it doesn’t – judge what you do value and don’t and cut out the things that are of least importance).
7. You should talk to your vendors and see how much value they can add to your life.

I find when you talk to certain vendors, you will know a spark that lights up where you know how much something they create will be of value to you or not. It is picked up in their genuine sincerity for their service for you.
– Do you feel they will put a lot of meaning into what they do for you?

This overrules a lot of uncertainty most brides have, if they will show up on the date, if a problem arises, will they be able to handle it carefully and respectively for you?

Usually a phone call or meeting in person can definitely help give you that perspective, or even in the emails that they send you back with.

I really hope that helps everyone out there planning their wedding and I wish you all the best!

Warmest wishes,
Olivia Ha
Makeup • Hair • Beauty Specialist

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