Tips When Finding The Right Foundation!

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Did you know 8 out of 10 women have the wrong foundation shade and color?

I’m writing this article here to help you keep in mind key things in finding the right foundation, straight from a professional!

You should consider first your:

1) Skintype
Being the most important thing because it is your base and what keeps hold of your makeup.

Is your skin more on the:

i) Dry side
– tight feeling skin
– burning sensation
– usually tingles or burns when you put product onto it
– no pores/very small pores

ii) Oily side
– excessive oil (not just a normal secretion)
– large pores
– blackheads
– acne can be a sign of it
– makeup doesn’t last on your skin

ii) Combination skin
– you may require two products so you can target your skin’s needs more effectively, depending how different areas of your skin is
– if there is a majority of your skin being one type, target that concern

Keep in mind:
– dry flakes do not equal dry skin, oily skin also has this, it just means you need to exfoliate more!

Next when you look for a product, look for the:

2) Slip/Vehicle

This equals to how the product moves, or the ability for it to move on the face. The easier the base moves, the lighter the slip. The more drag the base has, the stiffer the slip.
Makeup artists have to keep in mind what the surface is (the skin) and what challenges are faced that will make a more stable base for the application in regards with the slip.

3) Pigment

Elements to remember in pigment:

i) Shade: Light to Dark like a grey scale

ii) Color: Undertone
– A Ruddy color (pink/reddish) to Olive (yellow/green)

iii) Coverage: How much pigment is required to cover your area of concern.
(Note: most people just need a light foundation with concealer in certain areas!

With the slip and pigment in mind, then look at what is more suitable for you:

4) Types of Foundation

i) Cream
– offers most coverage and usually preferred even on stage performances
– with a cream vehicle/slip, it gives a high concentration of pigment
– can be used straight as concealer or ‘thinned down’ with moisturizer of the same base to a lighter foundation or a sheerer/natural application
– most widely used for a variety of makeup applications
– best for concealing specific areas as some cream products offer little to no slip

Examples of great cream foundations:
RCMA, Cinema Secrets, Graftobian, Kett
ii) Liquid
– light slip and easiest to move and spread
– great for light/sheer coverage
– also great for body foundation coverage

Examples of great liquid foundations:
Makeup Forever’s Face & Body, Face Atelier Ultra Foundation, Yaby liquid foundation, Makeup Forever’s HD foundation
iii) Dual Pôwder
– Can be pressed powders, cream to powder products etc.
– Usually includes a cream base slip with the finish of a matte powder
– Has no vehicle or slip, usually talc is added to the product to give it slip and move-ability
– May be applied wet or dry
– Applied with a sponge, brush or puff

Examples in my kit: T. Le Clerc’s Matte Foundation, Makeup Forever’s Duo Mat pressed powders, cream to powder foundations etc.

Feel free to ask me more about foundations!

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