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The Wedding Album: John & Sarah, two college co-eds who met, and were married, on the U of T campus

I happily stumbled upon a featured work of mine in Toronto Life today! It was for a beautiful bride by the name of Sarah and I remember it like it was yesterday. Sarah was such a happy, go-lucky girl that wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted. It wasn’t her first time ever getting makeup done professionally so she knew what she wanted to look and feel like on her wedding day.

“Natural but not too natural!” she said. As a makeup artist I completely understood what she meant by that line! Most brides just want to look like the best version of themselves, enhanced a little bit, but not to the point where she cannot recognize her own beauty. She wanted to make sure her true personality would shine through. Makeup is about empowering women and making their beauty the star of the show.

Sarah had such an ecstatic personality that if it were to change, it would take away from her beautiful. She had a contagious laugh and smile. “Her smile that resonates within the room” as all her bridesmaids would recognize and mention.

She definitely had a fun side to her personality so I wanted the makeup to enhance her and show off that brightness! The eyelashes for instance, it can’t be too long otherwise it would give off the impression on her specifically that is too flirty. Makeup has to be quite precise when applying the right consistency and impression for the right gal.

Makeup & Hair by Olivia Ha, Photography by Johnny Lam

Eyebrows signify wisdom and Sarah is a U of T graduate, same with her fiancé (now husband). She definitely values good education, so grooming her brows to match that represents her so well. I did it in a way where it kept it soft and still feminine enough to showcase her features. Any darker or heavier around the edges would give off the impression that she’s too controlling or stern.

Even the lips! She has these beautiful full lips that can easily be turned into a very sexy lip or a “come-hither” look that is very much not her personality! So finding the right colour to match her personality was key. I decided to go with a beautiful blush peach that resembles her kind and warmhearted nature that is easily seen for all her love to her friends and loved ones.

I absolutely love that shape, colour and even lines can change and empower or transform the human face. For weddings, most of us just want to see the beauty that we love about ourselves and that our loved ones celebrate it with us with love. To understand what that takes, what it means to help empower a woman, can take a lifetime to master.

It was a pleasure to work with such a beautiful and powerful woman inside and out on her special day!

Olivia Ha
Makeup • Hair • Beauty Specialist

My featured work in Toronto Life.

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