Treating bumpy, uneven skin – Keratosis Pilaris

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Hi Olivia,

I like your suggestions regarding skin care on your facebook. After reading your skin care tips, I thought that since you are so knowledgeable you could guide me in the right direction for my skin problems. I have a dry skin and on my arms i have small spots all on the top section. My dermatologist told me that i have keratosis pilaris problem on my skin. Do you think in your opinion any chemical peel treatment can help reduce this? and if yes which one do you recommend.

I will really appreciate if you can reply me back.

Thank you,

Hi A-!

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my tips, I wrote that to hope to help every woman out there facing those problems and I hope it has helped you.
When I was working in the spa, I have seen such forms of this. It”s not that common but it does occur. For the condition the doctor recommended to you, it can be helped with spa facial exfoliation treatments that help lessen the area affected. So there are treatments out there that help!

Each spa has different treatments that help the area, as you mentioned chemical peels such as AHA, BHA, special enzyme peels, glycolic, as well as a mechanical exfoliation such as microdermabrasion.
In order to recommend the perfect treatment for your skin I would have to see it in person under a magnifying glass to accurately pinpoint what”s best by seeing what skin type you are, as I do wish for the best for you! Because we cannot achieve that over the internet I want to help guide you like you wish to.

Keep these in mind when you book your treatment at a local spa:

– For chemical peels certain ones are derived from different for example an enzyme can be from pumpkin and make sure you tell your therapist if you”re allergic to anything or if you”re taking any medication that might react with the chemical peel.

– There certain percentages for each chemical peel, 3% – 30%, if it is your first time, <>opt to go for a lesser % for a safer route and go back for regular treatments rather than a harsh treatment only once or twice!

– Because this condition is supposedly hereditary, you may have to go to the spa more than just a few times, there are at home treatments that you can also purchase so that you may save time and money on. Do only consider this once you find out what works for you from a professional.

– When you go into a local spa, make sure you fully communicate to them what you”re looking to treat and if they have a treatment that can help with it before you proceed!

If there are any individuals that would like to share how they treat this condition or offer any suggestions, please post in the comments below so that other people can benefit from your valuable experience! I thank you in advance 🙂

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