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I love meeting new people. I feel that every person has a story to tell, with a unique look and personality to go with it. I love getting to know people that I encounter in my profession. I enjoy searching within them when we talk, pondering on how I can help them in every emotional and artistically beautiful way.

Every time I meet someone for the first time, I look for the beauty deep within them and afterwards I paint it on the surface for everyone to see. As a makeup artist and a human being, how I can give back to this world means a lot to me. If I am able to help enhance or change someone’s life for the better, in even a small fraction, they have helped me accomplish my daily goal in life.

Olivia Ha On The Job Chinese MakeupEveryone has a unique reason and message to say about their beliefs and I hope as an artist I can see it, feel it, and help you express your individuality. Being a makeup artist that prefers to admire ‘beauty’ in this world has changed me in ways; this motto has made me into more of a positive person.

“Without the vision and appreciation, beauty cannot be painted.” – Olivia Ha

Artists really feel their passion and hold their feelings while they perform their art for the world. This is how singers and musicians sing and play their music; without the feeling and vision in the music, the meaning of it is lost. That is how I perform my art in makeup artistry to with people like you: I really sync with my vision and feeling for the art I am happy to create with you.

I am an artist that sees my clients as friends when they sit in my chair. I place trust in my clients as my clients trust in me in return. I really hope that one day I will own a larger salon and will be able to accommodate people like you so you can relax and purify your mind that can often be filled with daily stress! Seeing how a simple service can really change and uplift someone’s mood and thoughts, I really hope to set in motion this dream soon. Until then, I hope to continue enhancing lives through my makeup artistry!

Olivia Ha
Makeup • Hair • Beauty Specialist

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