Where Does The Good Go Project

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So everytime someone does something for a good cause, where does it go?

What we often hear in the news is what someone has done wrong, slipped up, or even in weather: the chance of rain rather than the chance of sunshine.

I ask all of you to help change that. I wish there was a place where people can go to see where the good goes. We need to see, hear and feel more of the good in life.

If I have ever influenced you in any positive way, please write it here to show where the good went.


If this message has…

– Even inspired you to do something good or positive
– Allowed you to express this same goal
– Heard a great true story about something good passed around
– Simply made you smile 🙂
– Inspired you in anyway

…Please post back here what it was to inspire others.

I ask you to please help me reach and inspire as many people as possible!!

I thank you in advance for making this world a better place for us to all live in.

Why I decided to start this project:
I hope I have helped influence people”s lives for the better on what I do. It is my goal and sole reason for what I do. What is success when all you have is money and emptiness?
I always dreamed about a place where people can go to relax and re-energize themselves with nothing but great positive feelings – feelings that fuel their own goals and dreams.

I hope people that get a service with me are able to see actually how beautiful they really are – to have the confidence knowing they look and feel their 100% best and approach any dream or goal they wish for in life.

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6 Responses

  1. qq
    | Reply

    i love livi

  2. Laela
    | Reply

    LIVI! Your unique skills will take you far in life. Keep being awesome 🙂

  3. Nina - YourSweetTreat
    | Reply

    Olivia asked me to take a look at this page. After reading this page I can tell that she has a very kind heart. I met Olivia through my little business YourSweetTreat. Its a jewelry and accessories business. At the beginning the first thing that I made for my business was Breast Cancer Necklaces. Was there a reason for me to pick specifically Breast Cancer? Honestly, I’ve just always wanted to help. During that time of selling these necklaces I was also selling Haiti Rings, to help out Haiti after the earthquake disaster. People like Olivia encourage me to keep my business around, knowing that people love my craft work. And it also gives me a chance to give back to those in need.

  4. Oana C.R.
    | Reply

    Modeling, thus far, has affected me in a such a way that I did not expect. I have had so many positive experiences and have met so many talented, inspiring, and caring people who all have a commonality: passion. It is what attracts me to work with these people and what drives me to keep going.

    You are one of these people. I only had to work with you once to see this. From the first second we met at Studio 12, I could tell you were serious and passionate about what you do! It was your firm handshake and your eagerness to work with me that I still remember and appreciate.

    Your genuine care for my comfort was absolutely amazing. Your confidence in me is equally amazing.

    I have so much respect for people that can appreciate someone for how they are and not only accept them for that, but encourage them that their uniqueness will bring success.

    I believe that it is this positive energy that inspires me to see beauty in things that others may not see. It also pushes me towards my dreams because if I ever have a moment where I do not believe in myself, I just have to remember that others do.

  5. Sunny
    | Reply

    I think I’m inspired by faith and love. I have faith in God who lead me good way, and also people who I have met in my life. Thier love inpire me:)
    Last one is that of course jewelry:)

  6. Elizabeth Ai-Quyen
    | Reply


    Where do I even begin?? It seems nearly impossible to say everything I need to say about you and I have only known you for a little more than a year.

    Not only are you talented and incredibly passionate about your work, but you are also an amazing person! I really admire that your ultimate goal is to make people smile and to feel confident about themselves. You are able to bring out the true beauty in everyone with your make-up skills and I daresay you are one of the few people who can make me look my best. Bonus points for not giving me crack addict eyes =P You are always so kind and positive and it certainly rubs off on anyone that interacts with you!

    Forgive me for my crude summary, I know it doesn’t do you justice for the amount of help and support in which you have given me throughout the year, but I sincerely appreciate what you have done for me – I would not have been able to come this far in modeling without you.

    Thank you (x a million) for everything! Many more modeling experiences to come 🙂

    Love forever and always,

    Lizzy xoxo

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