Yaby Liquid Foundation Review

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I only purchased Buff and Honey, Cherry Blossom to test out so I’m not sure about the rest of the colors but from what I know:


Amazing texture, blends right into the skin

Not oily looking on camera, just the right amount of sheen.

– A bit ‘dewy’ and healthy looking in real person. What healthy skin should look like.

– Very light feeling, just feels like a average moisturizer on your skin.


No fragrance!

Silicone based, doesn’t require a primer! Saves time
– Not as much silicone as Face Atelier’s formula – depends on what you require it for. You can always add on more primer before – it’s easier than having too much and having to powder down heavily to take away shine.

– Comes in small, lightweight squeezable tubes. Perfect to throw in the purse or to condense in your kit!

– The head of the tube comes off, allowing for custom mixing (by dropping in other colors) for personal use or specific actors/actresses. There is a small mixing ball in there as well to mix up the silicone + formula.

– Enough yellow even for Asian skin tones! Liz Yu the creator of Yaby Cosmetics kept this in mind and how important it is to have shades for everyone.

– Once it dries it’s pretty water resistant and transfer resistant. Was rubbing it with my hand even with friction and it seems pretty solid/absorbed into the skin.

– Very affordable for professionals and personal use, $12.50 for 8mL

Cherry Blossom the pink corrector was very pigmented, enough to be even a blush! It’s the perfect blush color for my skin when I want a brighter color lift on my cheeks. Just blend out thoroughly and it’s a great color – it mimics the natural ‘flush’. So pretty 🙂

– Great to warm up any Face Atelier foundation! Adds more yellow with “Honey” shade!

– Excellent liquid foundation for those that already have mostly beautiful skin and don’t need that coverage. Keeps it natural looking even if you have blemishes (just conceal the areas first and then apply this liquid foundation over!)


– Sometimes requires shaking, mixing

– Not very easy buildable coverage unless you add on a lot and then set it with colored powder ontop. Only sheer – light/medium coverage. This could work if you/your client doesn’t require such heavy coverage. Anything works with technique but this one would require a bit more technique and effort.

Everyday wear?

Yes I would recommend it for everyday wear as I currently wear this the most at the moment. The texture is wonderful. All you need if you’re more oily is some pressed powder or light dust of loose powder. If you have a oil mattifier you can apply it before the foundation.

Overall Score



Yes, amazing for everyday wear or light coverage on clients. It is a staple in my purse and vanity table. I don’t carry this in my kit for professional use however, I just sheer down other formulas if I need lighter coverage.


This was taken in the same lighting for the best comparison. 🙂

Honey: more of a warm yellow shade
Buff: neutral shade, looks pink here compared to my skintone

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